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Arpita Patel awarded the 2021 Stir Scholarship

During the 2020-2021 school year, the Stir Scholarship committee awarded scholarships to three young women who will be pursuing college degrees in computer software. We awarded these scholarships in addition to renewing the scholarships for our inaugural 2020 scholarship recipients. These women come from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. We asked them to tell us about themselves and will be highlighting them in the coming weeks. We hope that reading their stories will inspire other young women to pursue software degrees and apply for the Stir Scholarship.

The second scholarship recipient we’re highlighting is Arpita Patel. Arpita recently graduated from Olentangy Liberty High School. In her own words, here is what Arpita told Stir Scholarship President Cassandra Faris about herself.

Cassandra: Where are you planning to go to college?

Arpita: The Ohio State University - Honors Integrated Business & Engineering Program (Major: Finance & Information Systems)

Cassandra: How did you hear about this scholarship?

Arpita: My guidance counselor at school informed me about this opportunity.

Cassandra: What motivated you to study technology?

Arpita: Last summer, I attended a camp called Kode with Klossy in which I learned the basics of web development including HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and then applied these skills to create a website that addressed a social issue that I am passionate about. At this camp, I learned the ways in which technology, specifically programming, can be used to solve problems and improve society. Since then, I have been interested in learning more about how technology can be applied to different fields and decided to combine my passions for business and technology by studying the intersectionality of the two in college.

Cassandra: Why do you enjoy programming?

Arpita: I enjoy programming because of the endless applications that it can be used for. Programming provides an innovative approach to solve any real-world problem. It also allows me to be creative in a way that can create tangible change.

Cassandra: What are your favorite extracurriculars?

Arpita: DECA, Service Club, International Business Internship Program, Science Olympiad

Cassandra: What do you like to do for fun?

Arpita: Hanging Out with Friends, Volunteering, Hiking, Solving Crosswords, Listening to Taylor Swift

Each scholarship applicant wrote an essay about how they plan to change the world with technology. Arpita’s essay focused on her passion for technology and its application to business. She also shared her experiences in coding camp where she created an application designed to help teens with mental health.

“I have explored my passion for technology in the past year by participating in

a coding camp called Kode with Klossy, in which I learned the basics of web development including the use of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I applied these skills to create a website called “State of Mind” that addressed a problem that I am passionate about: mental health. The website provides teens with educational resources on dealing with mental health struggles within themselves or their peers. In addition, I took a few programming courses where I learned the basic use of the coding language known as Python. These experiences showed me the ways in which technology and programming can be used to make a significant impact on the world in regards to issues that I am passionate about solving. Technology provides the solution to many seemingly impossible problems.”

Using technology to solve problems is the common thread in Arpita’s essay. Whether solving financial challenges or helping improve mental health, she understands that technology should make our lives better. We’re excited to follow Arpita’s career and learn about the technical solutions she creates.

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